Waiting periods

3 MONTHS        High Technology Diagnostic Means (eg, Nuclear Medicine, Holter, TAC)

                             Surgical interventions on an outpatient basis

                             Electroradiation therapy, Laser therapy (Photocoagulation in Ophthalmology and in skeletal                                                                                   muscle rehabilitation), Percutaneous nucleotomy

6 MONTHS        Interventional diagnostic means (eg, Colonoscopy, Endoscopy, ...)

                             Tubal ligation and vasectomy

10 MONTHS      Hospitalization and surgical intervention

                             Prosthesis cost

                             Dialysis and artificial kidney, Laser therapy (Surgical laser in peripheral vascular surgery, Coloproctology, gynecological, Otorhinolaryngological and dermatological surgical interventions), Renal lithotripsy, Chemotherapy and radiotherapeutic oncology, Shock waves for  musculotendinous calcifications, treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia.