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Recive personalized attention in a wide range of medical specialties


Authorizations via mobile
Manage your authorizations with your Smartphone, within the Client Area quicky and easily.

Diagnostic means (including hi-tech ones)

You will be able to perform analyzes, x-ray, magnetic resonance, among other medical acts.
Extensive medical chart nationwide
We have more than 43.000 professionals, 1.1500 Centers and more than 300 concerted clinics.


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Freelancers and companies

• Your business in progress and well insured.

• With SegurCaixa Business you have a wide coverage for your commercial premises, office or warehouse.

• You have 43.000 professionals and 1.150 assistance centers.

• From 45€/month.

Car Insurance

• We offer you the tranquility you are looking for at the wheel of your car.

• 100% of the new value for vehicles up to 2 years old.

• Free choice of the mechanical workshop.

• Roadside assistance.

seguro hogar

Home insurance

•  The coverage you need, whether you are a homeowner or a rental home.

• Usual damage coverage, property replacement, damage coverage, lock replacement, legal production and 24-hour assistance in the home, every day of the year.

seguro mascotas

SegurCaixa Mascotas

With SegurCaixa MASCOTAS Básico, you will have basic coverage to ensure the main unforeseen events that may arise in relation to your pet.

• Theft coverage of up to € 800.

• Civil liability of € 180,000.

• Death by accident, covered up to € 1,000.